Why is branding important?

  • It creates client loyalty
  • Promotes recognition
  • Confirms credibility
  • Increases business value
  • Generates new clients
  • Creates trust

…. but that’s not all as the list goes on, how do you brand YOUR company?

What is uClothing?

uClothing is a danish wholesaler for bulk orders of custom made items.

If you can think it – we can do it

Customer satisfaction is important to us


Branding is one of those key elements that helps your company stay in the mind-google. It’s not just a logo, it’s so much more! It leaves a memorable impression on your client , it’s your corporate identity and it covers everything from your logo, website & SoMe to the way you address your clients and their entire experience given by your staff. Branding can be extremely overwhelming at first, as there’s a lot to take in and a lot to remember, uClothing can help with a few of the memorable items whether it’s coffee mugs, pens, business cards, letterhead paper and envelopes. If you can’t find it on the website, fear not! If it’s a custom request, then we can most likely help anyway, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Team shirts

Have you got a competing team? Have they got those all amazing team jerseys that will make heads turn as they walk through the crowds? Jerseys that makes people wonder ‘Who are these guys’? Maybe you just feel like, it’s time for an updated version, an upgrade or possibly an addition of a hoodie, team tracksuit, duffel bag. It could be time to give your team that all professional upgrade ‘all inclusive’, maybe even it’s own merchandise shop for your followers to support you, contact our staff for more information. Regardless of your request, our graphic design team is standing by to help you design your dream apparel.

Custom Custom Custom

Every item we have is completely custom made, our clients get to choose every little detail in order to create that perfect look that IS their dream! Stitching, patchwork, button type and color – as our motto says – If you can think it, we can do it!

If you can think it - We can do it!

All of our items are custom made, in order to create exactly the look you want. Regardless of where you come from; whether it’s a sports club, school, eSport team/org, a company no matter size and industry

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority, both in our/your designs but also in product quality.

What makes uClothing unique?

When placing an  order with one of our retailers, they help you design the exact piece that you’ve been looking for. With uClothing, there’s no such thing as having to compromise on quality, fabric type, stitching, button colour/shape/size, zipper colour/size,  the choice if patchwork colours is yours – and your alone! Nothing is standardized with uClothing. everything we sell is custom made by you.

Our retailers

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For virksomheder kan gaming-events være et stærkt værktøj til at markedsføre produkter og services, eller ganske enkelt styrke et brand eller image.

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