We’ve heard a lot of similar questions, asked by our clients… While it would prove difficult to list all of them here, we’ve thrown in the most popular ones.
How long it will take to receive my order?

Depending on the quantity, the order may take anything from 4 up to 6 weeks. This is because everything is made from scratch in order to match your design.

The delivery itself takes from 2 business days from the date when the status of your order is “Shipped”

Which shipping providers do you use?

We use GLS for shipping.

Is it necessary for me to register an account in order to buy an item?

All items must be purchased through one of our retailers, no direct orders are accepted.

Do you accept orders from all over the world?

Speak to your nearest retailer, it shouldn’t be a problem to ship abroad.

Which payment methods do you have available?

Payment options vary from retailer to retailer.

What's you return policy?


When your order is made and confirmed, it gets submitted directly to the manufacturer on your behalf. Usually, it takes 24 hours after the order is confirmed by the customer. When the order is submitted to the manufacturer, the customer is obligated to purchase the ordered merchandise.

This is why order cancellation is not valid after 48 hours. The customer gets a notification via e-mail with the description of all order details. Customers are liable to review the order details and during 48 hours may reply with any discrepancies or changes at no charge. If any changes will be submitted by the customer within the 48 hour period, We then will order the merchandise from the manufacturer. Any cancellation process after 48 hour period will proceed prior to the Cancellation Policy.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery and set-up charges vary depending on where you live and from the amount of merchandise ordered. The final cost of your delivery will be given by your retailer when placing the order with us.

How can it be possible, that the piece I've got delivered has a slightly different color than the one featured on an item's page?

Every computer monitor displays colors slightly differently. To ensure you are seeing the correct color of our products, please consult the pantone color chart.

Please note: Colors can vary slightly depending on the type of fabric.